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Peace Conference 2016 - på Tvind

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"Stop Wars - Not Refugees" 

is the headline for this year's Peace Conference in Tvind. 
It is the second peace conference in Tvind, and it will take place over three days, from April 29th to May 1st.



ONE day with workshops, art projects, StopWarsDocs & networking

ONE day with presentations, talks, exhibitions & performances

ONE day joining May 1st demonstrations in Aarhus - marching for peace and solidarity with refugees.

Friday April 29th –  Saturday April 30th – Sunday May 1st
Venue: Tvind, Skorkærvej 8, DK-6990 Ulfborg

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Friday programme: WORKSHOPS  10:00 - 13:00 & 14:00 - 16:00
  1:  Syria: External factors and interests [September team 2015, DRH Norway]
  2:  Palestine: Life in the West Bank [Yasser Al-Haj]
  3:  Teachers for Peace: Conflict resolution and solidarity [Martin Larsen]
  4:  Sri Lanka: A forgotten conflict [Sugunan Markandu, DSTF]
  5:  Connecting the dots: Climate change and conflicts [Piotr Dzialak]
  6:  Eritrea: A revolution betrayed [Pernille Krüger Mertz]
  7:  Solidarity: Independent volunteering in Europe [Ungdomshøjskolen PTG]
  8:  Peace Art: Introduction to stencil work and street art [MAD, Tabriz, Iran]
  9:  Contemporary Dance: Creating "Fortress Europe" - a performance about the refugee reality  [Lena Strohmaier]
10:  Music: Creating "All We Are Saying" - a song/rap performance [Octavian Filip]
11:  Cooking / baking: Middle Eastern / North African delicacies
12:  Art: Making banners and pamphlets for 1st of May Demonstration in Aarhus [Louise Volsted Pedersen]
13:  USA and the World: "Pax Americana" after Obama 
14:  Civil Disobedience: Expanding the Peace Activist Movement [Ron Ridenour]
15:  Meet Refugees Face to Face: “Hear my story” [host: Monique Dobbert, translator farsi / arabic]

ALSO - StopWarsDocs: Cinema with documentaries by Nagieb Khaja and others.       

AN AFTERNOON & EVENING WITH SPORTS: Football, Volleyball, Crossfit, Zumba…

Saturday programme: CONFERENCE DAY 10:00 - 22:00
SESSION 1: Perspectives on Syria and securing refugees’ rights  

1. The war in Syria from the perspective of civilians       
2. The Kurds - a people without a country / A glimmer of hope: Rojava people power cantons       
3. Jytte Martinussen: The current status of refugees in the World 

SESSION 2: Key Note Speech by Peace researcher Jan Øberg

“The current State of the World: Peace, War & Conflict”

SESSION 3: Prospects of ending the occupation of Palestine

1. Jonathan Ofir: Seeing Israel for what is is
2. Yonatan Goldshtein: Life under occupation in Hebron - defending Palestinian children's right to go to school 
3. Øyvind Wistrøm: The last day of occupation will be the first day of peace

EVENING PROGRAMME: Cultural evening with music and dance performances

Sunday May 1st programme: DEMONSTRATION IN AARHUS

March from Rådhuspladsen at 12:00 under our banner: ”Stop Wars – Not Refugees” Flash Mob / Music / Speech at Peace and Solidarity stage at Tangkrogen at 15:00.

Conference fee: 250 DKK (for 1, 2 or 3 days)


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Download preliminary programme about Peace Conference 2016 (2 pages) 

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